General e-learnings


General e-learnings

E-learning is today a central part of most large operations training and development programs. For companies that operate internationally with teams in different parts of the world, online training is a practical and flexible option or complement to traditional classroom training.

At Ramboll, we offer general training in several of our expert areas. The trainings are general, and we believe them to suit most companies.

All our courses can be adapted to your company, based on your needs. You can add material and information that is specific to your organization, such as your goals, your policies, or how you manage specific issues or processes within your company. We can also produce bespoke courses.

How does it work?

Ramboll has its own learning platform (LMS), but perhaps you do too? Training produced by Ramboll can either be made available in your learning platform or via Ramboll Learning. Whatever suits you the best!

Choosing Ramboll Learning, you can easily access the chosen e-learnings via our learning platform on the web. A digital course certificate will be generated automatically after completing the training. With extended rights you can follow up results on both an overall and detailed level.

Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

General e-learnings

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