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We are often told that we have engaging and competent course leaders, which is exactly what we strive for! One reason why our course leaders receive such good feedback is that they also work as consultants. We are convinced that practical experience from reality is a prerequisite for being able to create commitment and learning.

The ambition is for our course participants to be able to quickly translate what they have learned into concrete actions at home. We always alternate theory with practical exercises and focus on simple solutions that really work!

We can offer several different types of training:

  • E-learning
  • Blended learning
  • Company specific training
  • Open courses

At the moment we can only offer our open courses in Sweden and Finland, but we are expanding and will soon be offering this in Denmark and Norway as well.

We have more than 30 years of experience in holding different types of training and education and this is something we are very passionate about!


Nicole Klemets

Product Owner E-learning+46 10 615 68 16Sweden
Nicole Klemets

Andreas Jansson

Lead Consultant & Education Lead+46 733 279 071Sweden
Andreas Jansson, Ramboll Digital & Education

Petra Lattunen

HSEQ Managing Consultant, Education Lead+358 45 652 3213Finland

Alex Solberg Mathiasen

SafetyEngine Product Owner
+45 51 61 04 02 Denmark