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Consultancy services

HSEQ Consultancy Services

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By addressing your company’s Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality (HSEQ) concerns, you can foster a more sustainable and resilient business. Our team of experts at Ramboll Digital & Education is here to assist your company in adapting to changing circumstances. We offer a range of services, including audits, risk assessments, safety monitoring, and the establishment of effective management systems.

Our HSEQ professionals can serve as a valuable temporary or permanent addition to your company’s HSEQ initiatives, supporting ongoing improvements and the pursuit of a more sustainable business model. We are committed to assisting your company in its day-to-day operations whenever you require our expertise. Our collaboration follows a predetermined plan, offering guidance and long-term support for your company’s growth and development.

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“For us, EHS Compass serves as a good "checklist" for all the legislation applicable to our business. There are a lot of regulations and requirements, so it is good that they have been gathered in one service. The service is easy to use and constantly updated and expanded.”
Maarakennusliike Pusku Oy
Anna Muilu, CEO
“The proactivity and know-how of our Ramboll expert has been very useful for our company.”
ANDRITZ Warkaus Works Oy
Tiina Kauppinen, QHSE Manager
“The work related to EHSQ issues has become much clearer for us with using EHS Compass, and I just feel confident knowing that EHS Compass is there for us. It is a great tool, the effects can really be seen in our business.”
Hydroline Oy
Jan Meyes, HSEQ Manager

Areas of our expertise

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Environment & Health

One of the world’s leading environmental and health consultancies, we are trusted by clients to manage their most challenging environmental, health and social issues. We help clients understand and manage the impacts of their activities and products, so that they can respond to business, regulatory or legal challenges effectively and develop sound strategies for operating sustainably.

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Occupational Health and Safety

Changing workplace environments and overlapping regulatory programs with inconsistent exposure guidelines generate complex occupational health challenges for employers. Ramboll’s occupational health and safety experts deliver scientifically based, pragmatic solutions that help our clients respond to health and safety concerns and provide a safe workplace.


Compliance Assurance

Across the globe, Ramboll experts, along with our digital tools, help companies evaluate local, state, national and regional EHS regulatory requirements and implement compliance programmes for both new and operating facilities. Our comprehensive services span the compliance life cycle – from identifying EHS requirements and navigating complex permitting processes to addressing ongoing EHS needs during active operations, including enforcement actions and other issues that may arise.

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Management Systems

A strategic approach to management systems can improve profitability, reduce risk and enhance an organisation’s image and competitiveness, but above it provides the structure to help a business succeed. Ramboll has significant international experience in designing, implementing and improving management systems to international standards including environment (ISO 14001), occupational health and safety (ISO 45001), energy (ISO 50001) and quality (ISO 9001). Our established international management systems team includes ISO standard contributing authors, former certification registrars and certified auditors, with experience in a variety of sectors worldwide.


Internal Audits

Ramboll conducts comprehensive regulatory compliance audits to evaluate client status with local, national and regional environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations. While audits typically focus on providing a broad overview of compliance with major program elements, we can also conduct more detailed audits that include systematic review of all compliance documentation.

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For decades Ramboll has helped organisations make a positive impact on society. Our experts provide insights and a clear way forward whether our clients look for competitive advantages, risk mitigation, carbon neutrality, social equity and resilience, investment or procurement opportunities, circular supply chains, or any other type of benefit from sustainable change.  Similarly, we help evaluate and assess past initiatives, calculate the costs and benefits of new ones or establish baselines to help monitor progress.


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