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Education and training via the web is a flexible and resource-efficient complement to traditional education. The course participants are not bound to complete the training at the same time and place, and that the individual can complete the training at the appropriate pace. We can offer several different arrangements.

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Open Courses

We offer a range of open courses in our education and training unit. Our ambition is for our course participants to be able to quickly translate what they have learned into concrete actions at home. We always alternate theory with practical exercises and focus on simple solutions that really work!

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Open courses

Company Specific Training

When your entire team or groups needs training and new skills company specific training often is the most effective option. We tailor the training to your specific needs, and you can maintain a strong connection to your business and the participants own filed of work during the training.

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Hybrid course

Blended Learning

Get the best of both worlds by combining e-learning with on-site training. The parts of the training that are best suited as self-study are held as an E-learning and later you can gather the participants for a workshop or in-class training . In that way you can use the time together for in-depth discussion and learning.

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The 3D tool has helped workers take ownership of their working environment. In addition to reducing accidents and providing a good workplace for all, it also improves the bottom line.
Blended training
Poul Michaelsen
Hospital Director at the Regional Hospital West Jutland.

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