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Åge Staghøj

Chief Consultant 
Product owner Interactive Solutions
+45 51 61 53 39Denmark
Interactive solutions

Alex Solberg Mathiasen

SafetyEngine Product Owner
MSc in Construction Management
+45 51 61 04 02 Denmark

Peter Dernert

Lead Consultant, Architect
Scope development
Project Management
Learning Curriculum
+45 51 61 23 14 Denmark

Ramboll has extended the services to include digital and interactive behavior training and knowledge sharing using gamification as a primary tool.

Where traditional education methods are mostly passive and <50% effective in terms of learning outcome, simulating real practices through interactive e-learning or game-based learning can potentially increase the effectiveness to 80%. Studies conclude that game-based learning increases engagement as it gets more interesting and fun to learn by rewarding, involving, and challenging the users.

Our platforms are Apps for mobile devices, Web or Virtual Reality, and our goal is to create and work with simulations and realistic, recognizable virtual environments for effective and increased learning outcome.

Our Interactive Solutions concept and it´s different elements can be applied to a wide range of of projects and issues. Contact our team for more information.

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