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EHS Compass

EHS Compass by Ramboll

A digital EHS compliance and assessment tool

Monitor and Comply: legal requirements,  ISO standards requirements as well as internal and stakeholder requirements.

Manage and Assess: risks and opportunities, compliance, management systems.

…and see your business reach the next level!

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Regulatory Monitoring
Lets you know what has changed and how it affects you.
Legal and Requirement Registers
Provides you with a tailored list of obligations applicable to your operations.
Allows you to carry out assessments that are the foundation for continuous improvement.
Other Registers
Supports you when simple solutions suffice.
Gives you an extra pair of hands to get it all done.
Lifts you and your team to the next level.

EHS compliance - Legislation available

Don’t let mandatory and sometimes difficult legal requirements burden you and your company!

Our service filters only the laws that apply to your company and you receive them in a digested, easy-to-understand format. Legislation under preparation, newly published regulations and changes to existing regulations are reported to you on a monthly basis.

EHS Compass’ legislation supports multiple countries, the user interface is available in different language versions, and it can be integrated into other systems in your organization.

Do you represent a multinational company? Contact us for the best package and price for all your locations.

Available Content
Environmental legislation
  • General environmental management
  • Management of waste and hazardous waste
  • Management of water and wastewater
  • Management of emissions to air
  • Management of chemicals
  • Hazardous substances and their transport
Occupational health and safety legislation
  • General occupational health and safety management
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Operational  safety
  • Emergency preparedness
Assessment checklists
  • Occupational health and safety risks
  • Environmental risks
  • Sustainable mining
  • ISO 14001 requirements
  • ISO 45001 requirements
  • ISO 9001 requirements
Internal requirements
  • E.g. internal rules
  • E.g. supplier requirements
  • E.g.  permit conditions
Sustainability content package

Active monitoring and reporting of EHS legislation will help your company fulfill the new sustainability reporting obligation. The CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) aims to increase business transparency and openness from a sustainable development perspective. EHS Compass includes a sustainability content package to help you meet CSRD requirements.

The sustainability content package is growing and being supplemented all the time as new requirements and obligations increase. EU directives related to sustainability will also be incorporated into national legislation. Currently, the responsibility content package of EHS Compass includes e.g.:

  • Taxonomy regulation including e.g. criteria for environmentally sustainable financial activities and disclosure obligations for financial market participants
  • Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
  • EU Directive (NFRD) on reporting of non-financial information
  • European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)
  • National implementing regulations
“The work related to EHSQ issues has become much clearer for us with using EHS Compass, and I just feel confident knowing that EHS Compass is there for us. It is a great tool, the effects can really be seen in our business.”
Hydroline Oy
Jan Meyes, HSEQ Manager
“For us, EHS Compass serves as a good "checklist" for all the legislation applicable to our business. There are a lot of regulations and requirements, so it is good that they have been gathered in one service. The service is easy to use and constantly updated and expanded.”
Maarakennusliike Pusku Oy
Anna Muilu, CEO

EHS Compass – Service Components

The legislation content and service components of the EHS Compass service, as well as consulting support and education services, are tailored to your company’s needs. We are here to help you – with carefully planned set of services, you promote effective management of EHS matters in your company and your operations will be compliant.


Regulatory Monitoring

Identify and monitor regulatory changes applicable to your company, including newly proposed legislation, newly published regulations and changes to existing regulations. Create your own summary reports at the frequency of your choice.

Legal and Requirement Registers

Demonstrate that your company has identified the relevant EHS regulations and other stakeholder obligations and assessed compliance against them. Record, assign, schedule and track needed actions.


Carry out risk assessments, compliance assessments and management system evaluations. Use blank forms, ready-made checklists or create your own assessments and see how results compare over different years.

Other Registers

Training Register | Chemical Register | Permit Conditions Register | Maintenance Schedule | Document Register | Stakeholder Analysis | EHS Incident Reporter | Legislation to be Displayed

Consulting & Education

Combined with extensive expertise and the latest education solutions, our service offering ensures that your organization has the best practices and the right modern digital tools to succeed in all your EHS goals.
Keep all your EHS issues up-to-date and manage them in one place

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