SafetyEngine - Safe work environment on construction sites

SafetyEngine - Safe Work Environment

Rethinking construction safety on site

If you care about a healthy and safe work environment on your construction site, SafetyEngine is built for you.

As a digital platform and App solution, SafetyEngine rethinks the conventional safety introduction by introducing user interaction, gamification and fun learning. In only 15 minutes, all workers are able to train and test their safety awareness, through a game-based safety introduction on a virtual construction site, before entering the real one.

Furthermore, workers and administrators are able to communicate and share important information, news and observations through the app.

1creating a safe working environment together
2Increases safety, productivity and morale
3Initiating a proactive and transparent safety culture

Value Creation with SafetyEngine

Safe behaviour is challenged by:

  • Increased complexity
  • Distinct conflict culture
  • Major replacement of workers and managers
  • Different backgrounds, languages and traditions

SafetyEngine creates safe
behaviour with:

  • Proactive safety culture
  • Documented action competencies
  • Interactive safety training
  • Reduced resource needs
  • Common communication platform

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Availability & Use

The App is managed through a browser-based administration page for setup, follow-up, and documentation.

Admins have a complete overview of activities and uploaded documents, observations, and registrations.

Available on App Store and Google Play.


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The Solution - HSE, Behaviour & Leadership

SafetyEngine is your digital platform, buildt on gamification, involvement & user interaction, that consist of 6 modules:

  • Training: 3D safety introduction
  • Documents: An archive of HSE documents, user guides, and instructions
  • Observations: Photo registration of incidents and observations
  • Maps: Zoomable construction site maps
  • News: Latest construction site information
  • Check-in: Check-in/out via QR code
The 3D tool has helped workers take ownership of their working environment. In addition to reducing accidents and providing a good workplace for all, it also improves the bottom line.
Blended training
Poul Michaelsen
Hospital Director at the Regional Hospital West Jutland.

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SafetyEngine Product Owner
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Head of Department - Digital & Education Denmark
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Lead Consultant, Architect
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Lead safety advisor
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