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Safety Simulator

Safety simulator

Reduce accidents and improve the bottom line

Safety Simulator is Ramboll’s 3D training simulator for construction sites and other hazardous locations.

When experiencing the site in a 3D virtual world, users can spot and engage with all the possible dangers and pitfalls, without risk. ​This makes it a lot easier for the workers to anticipate an accident – and avoid it – when they step onto the real construction site.

It creates a proactive learning process, where the employees take responsibility for ensuring a safe working environment.

The 3D tool has helped workers take ownership of their working environment. In addition to reducing accidents and providing a good workplace for all, it also improves the bottom line.
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Poul Michaelsen
Hospital Director at the Regional Hospital West Jutland.
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CASE: KPC Posthusgrunden

The problem
Postbyen is a large construction site (+1 billion DKK) in Copenhagen. KPC is turnkey contractor on the project. The contractor experiencing both safety and bureaucracy related issues. KPC uses valuable time on weekly safety training introductions and the following effects and engagement towards safety is insignificant. A safety culture shift is needed.

The solution
Ramboll has developed a Smartphone App and a related LMS platform based on Ramboll´s Check, Act & Learn concept. The construction workers performance are monitored in a safety introduction and ongoing safety observations throughout the construction period.
Important documents are also accessible in the App and will be updated weekly. The workers receive notifications on new updates and their activity will be supervised.

The gain

  • Proactive construction workers
  • Improved safety culture
  • Interesting and motivating safety introduction
  • Monitored performance and activity
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Video: Safety Simulator

Work-related accidents are reduced by more than half, compared to industry standards.
An ide, sparked by 3D-training, for a new way to install tailor-made windows resulted in time savings, improved safety working conditions.
At the construction site of a large-scale hospital, 3D- training generated +1700 ideas for improving workflow and health & safety.