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Facility Management

Optimizing daily routines and ensuring straight forward and easy manageable work flows is an ongoing process for all companies and organizations.

Ramboll is using our insight in most business areas to develop solutions that will create benefits for both companies and employees.

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CASE: Logistic Flow App

The problem
Labor productivity in construction has fallen behind other industries and has continuously decreased for the last decades. On construction sites, 2/3 of a craftsman’s time is either indirect work or direct waste. It includes waiting, preparation and transport. Better scheduling processes, and a more proactive management could affect and increase the productivity.

The solution
Ramboll is developing a simple time management tool on Smartphones for booking of deliveries and equipment on site. The tool is mainly aimed for larger construction sites where several different deliveries and booking of equipment is an everyday management challenge. The key focus of the application is simplicity and focus on activities and project level efficiency.

The gain

  • Effective and efficient construction site
  • Liability arrangement
  • Cost reduction
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