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RamRisk Courses

Join our RamRisk courses where you will learn how to use RamRisk in detail.

The course focuses on teaching the attendees how RamRisk can support the risk management process in different ways.

Initially, a short introduction to risk management will be provided after which participants learn how to manage their risks by creating their own risk register. Real-life cases will be presented and different implementation approaches will be discussed in order to get started in the right way. Learn a lot of hands on tips and tricks in order to do the risk management process in the most effetive and value-creating way.

Recommended for anyone doing risk management with RamRisk.


What is RamRisk?

Risk management is a comprehensive and challenging process in practice. Hence RamRisk is built to ease the process with supporting management tools that helps you integrate all parts of the risk management process into your everyday work.

Through risk assessments, RamRisk helps you achieve a foundation for qualified decision making, change management and risk reduction by defining, analyzing and evaluating potential risks.

As an online solution, RamRisk is easy to access and has an intuitive user interface and supporting system to help you get on board. With a multiuser environment, an all-in-one database, action plans, & task lists, RamRisk will support, manage and guide your company through projects safely and in a timely manner.

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