LAWLY by Ramboll new features 8/2021

We have updated the LAWLY service to a new version during week 15.

If you have any question or feedback regarding the new version, please contact as at

Applicability Questionnaire changes

Finnish Applicability Questionnaire has been simplified. Goal is to reduce extra or repetitive questions. This ongoing process may also lead into creation of new questions or move of  the old ones, causing need to re-evaluate.


Questionnaire itself has been improved by showing questions which are not very likely to concern the company but which bring requirements nonetheless. For example main industry has not been selected, but continuation question to one of them exists.


If questionnaire has changes which require actions from account administrator,  note will be displayed in Dashboard’s Requirement widget.


Tags and Responsible person  have been harmonized

Scheduled trainings has been updated with tags-field. At the same time all tags in the application were changed to fetch suggestions from all pages. For example Requirement tags can now be found also in Training Register.


Responsible person filtering and suggestions have been harmonized.  Responsible person can be anyone with edit rights to the page, except in case of Requirements read rights are sufficient.


Chemicals Register CAS field

CAS ( Chemical Abstract Service )field has been added to chemicals register. Purpose of this number is to identify same substances even when different names are used, for example acetone and dimethyl ketone are same substance so they have same CAS number. Number contains  check digit, so typos can be caught before they are saved into the system. Check digit is the last number, for example in kaffeine: “58-08-2” or carbondioxide “124-38-9“.

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Other Changes

  • Bug fixes
  • Translation updates