EHS Compass by Ramboll new features 08/2022

We have updated the EHS Compass service to a new version. There are several minor improvements made during the summer.

  • Training Register updates
  • Chemical Register has new fields for chemicals: Safety Datasheet version/date and field for when latest check of SDS was done.
  • Advanced users may now use different accounts on different browser tabs
  • Hidden requirements should always be shown in state “requires re-evaluation” when underlying requirement has major changes
  • EHS reporter tool will send email to responsible person whenever there is a new finding reported
  • GDPR tool’s “list of public policies” template language can be selected

If you have any question or feedback regarding the new version, please contact as at


Training Register

Training register can now be updated from upcoming trainings.

Participant names and emails can be added to upcoming training. Those who have previously received the training can be directly added when validity is about to expire.

additional information such as validity is asked when importing information from upcoming trainings to training register. Also the training can be marked as “mandatory” for participants. Purpose of “mandatory” field is to allow register managers to see who must get the training when it is about to expire. If a training has been marked as mandatory before, importing new information will not change this.

update/import does have a preview feature, where you can see if there are errors and cancel if they require changes prior to import. If person’s name is not included in information, then email will be used as replacement. Email of participant will be added to list of reminded people if it is not there already.

If person in the training register does not have valid training, or trainings are always valid and it has been over a year since last training, a notice icon ( ! ) will be displayed. Icon can be removed by editing with changes any training of that person. Purpose of the icon is to remind of GDPR requirements at the training register context. Black color of the icon is meant to show that this is only a note which may or may not require actions.





Chemical Register

Chemical register has new fields for Safety Datasheet version/date and field for storing latest check of SDS.

manufacturer of chemical should send new SDS wheneverthere are changes, but it is also responsibility of user companies to make sure that latest version of Safety Datasheet is in use and available for workers. If latest check on the validity of SDS in use is over a year ago, then the date will be displayed in red colour.


Other changes

  • Advanced users can now have different accounts in use on different tabs of the browser
    • This is done by updating active account every time active tab changes. Copying and comparing between accounts is now easier.
  • Requirements hidden by users should always show up in state “requires re-evaluation” when major changes have happened.
    • this shoud make it easier to spot the requirements which may not “concern us”
    • Version history can be used to check if requirement was hidden previously
  • Findings from EHS reporter tool will generate reminder email to EHS responsible person ( can be set in account settings )
    • purpose is to enable fast reaction to reported findings
  • GDPR tool’s “list of public policies” template language can be selected  ( content does not have translations )
    • previously only finnish and English could be selected, and those via browser’s language settings.
  • Bug fixes