EHS Compass by Ramboll new features 04/2023

Changes for this month can be seen at Findings page.

  • New Finding types for System evaluation
  • Finding fields have been changed to hide optional fields
  • Checklists can be exported and imported in multi-language format

If you have any question or feedback regarding the new version, please contact us at


New Finding types

New and changed finding types

  • “In Conformity” and “Non-conformity” for System evaluation
  • “Not Assessed” type to mark items which have not been evaluated
  • “Not Applicable/Not Relevant” has changed name
  • “No Hazard or Damage” was named: “OK”

Finding field ordering

The order of fields is now same for all Finding types. When finding has own fields, they  will be presented in the Identification – phase.

Optional fields have been hidden to speed up initial writing of the finding.

Because picture is often important part of Finding, attachments have been moved to Identification – phase.


Other changes

  • Checklists can be exported in multi-language format. Import can be either for use language or multi-language format.
  • Assessment report inclides now attachments set for the Assessment
  • Other Bug fixes


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