EHS Compass by Ramboll new features 04/2024

Check out Client Announcements page for all version change logs.


New features and changes

New features have been added

  • Requirements view has been changed and some buttons have been hidden
  • Requirement Reminders have been replaced with share information
  • Logo can be added to assessment report, as well as reviewer and approver names
  • EHS reporter token expiration time can be extended
  • Microsoft SSO endpoint was updated
  • State change buttons have been added to assessments and tasks
  • Minor bug fixes

Requirements and reminders change

Requirement reminders were changed. Reminders and their replacement, information sharing, are meant for sharing information, whereas tasks can be used to assign responsibility. Main differences are:

  • acknowledgement is not supported, so email will be sent only once
  • Same message can be sent to multiple persons
  • Edit enabled

At the same time buttons were moved and rarely needed alternatives are hidden behind three dots. This change makes the user interface clearer and brings forward the more important features.

  • Tasks button stays in same place
  • Information sharing button (reminders) is moved next to task button
  • Requirement attachment information is placed next to them, because it was too often overlooked at its previous location. It aso changes size if an attachment has been linked to requirement.
  • Hiding the requirement button is now smaller and next to task information.
  • Version/History information is also smaller.
  • relevance button, send feedback to helpdesk and subscribe change notification buttons are now hidden under three dots by default.

Assessment report with logo, reviewer and approver

Company or other logos can now be added ( Account administration – Action management – Site layouts )

Afterwards, logo can be included in assessment report.

also to support whole assessment cycle, name/email of reviewer and approver can be entered into assessment (changes and person doing them will be logged to history).


EHS reporter token expiration time can be extended

EHS reporter tokens are starting to expire.

Replacing printed QR codes in factories can be bit difficult, so we decided to allow extending token expiration times.

Tokens can be managed at Account Settings page.




SSO endpoint update

Microsoft SSO endpoint was updated to new one.

Unfortunately some persons encountered difficulties during the process, but sign-in in should now work, UNLESS email has changed. If your email has changed, you may contact support.

Other fixes

Buttons have been added to assessments and tasks for changing state while item is open. Drag and drop is still easier way to mark them completed.

Ramboll administration has been improved with billing support functionality

Bugs have been fixed.

Any problems can be reported to